Digital Storage Solutions, LLC (DSS) has developed state-of-the-art technologies for data synchronization and data security solutions that allow consumers to manage, protect, control and transport their personal records and other important data. As well, DSS has developed several other ground breaking software and hardware solutions and advancements that contribute to the platform.

DSS’s technology utilizes conventional hardware solutions incorporated with cutting-edge technologies which allow users to synchronize with a limitless number of sources, such as databases, servers, websites or any other source. We welcome you to our site that features and describes the labors of our team to provide hearty technology that brings the future of enormous data storage and synchronization to a secure device in your pocket.

Overview of Services

  • Electronic Medical Records and Encryption
  • Ultra-High Level Security Access and Transportation of Data and Identification
  • Multi Media Transport, Storage and Delivery
  • Educational Delivery and Identification







Product Highlights

  • A limitless number of synchronization streams of data sources that can be backed up to a credit card sized USB data storage device.
  • Integration of software applications to high capacity memory storage devices allowing for data storage versatility.
  • Designs offer features such as waterproof, dust proof, and high temperature resistant.
  • The USB standard is trial tested since inception in 1996, which allows for a long lasting, evolving hardware product.

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